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Episode 141: Weird Wars Rome 02

Download | Duration: 01:50:33

We are back with some geek chat and Savage Worlds gaming. Agents of SHIELD, Revolution and Battlestar Galactica round out the chat. Then, there is a needless fight, a journey, the little folk, and an intriguing connection.

Episode 140: Weird Wars Rome 1

Download | Duration: 01:20:32

In this episode, we start our Weird Wars Rome game. We start a little differently for this game. Savage Words has something called an Interlude. It's usually one player but Weird Wars Rome has a little modification. Every player has a go at getting to tell a story of weirdness. Then we jump into the campaign. There is a boat, a storm, and big dog. Oh, and we have background music!

Episode 139: Torchbearer Wrap Up

Download | Duration: 01:29:01

This is our wrap up episode of the Torchbearer campaign. We answer some listener mail and share our thoughts about Torchbearer.

April Fools Day

I'm not much on April Fools Day. The internet is just crammed full of too many people who THINK they are funny. That being said, I love this one from Pinnacle.

The only down side? I REALLY want to PLAY this game now! :D


Episode 138: Torchbearer 05

Download | Duration: 02:01:14

In episode 5, Duncan and Calvin run into Pious and confront someone calling them-self the Pirate King. Meanwhile, the cleric and dwarf remain captive up at the mansion. Fires are lit. Bonds are burst. Money is lost. And everyone is hungry, thirsty angry and injured. Yup... it's a Torchbearer game!

Episode 137: Torchbearer 04

Download | Duration: 01:33:31

A horrible recording can't stop the gaming! We have pirates... and bandits... and an evil cleric! Oh.. and we do the one thing you should never ever do... we split the party. And the train wreck starts.

Zed or Alive: The Zombie Miniatures Game For Savage Worlds

Rust Devil Games’ first release, Zed or Alive: The Zombie Miniatures Game for Savage Worlds: Showdown! is finished and ready to be distributed via digital download. The next step in its release
is a Kickstarter to raise funds for the initial run of the printed book.
Zed or Alive: The Zombie Miniatures Game is the first self-published title from Rust Devil Games, the team behind Pinnacle Entertainment’s Modern Ops for Savage Worlds: Showdown!. It is a campaign-based miniatures skirmish game set in the years following the zombie apocalypse. Players control one of several human group types, battling each other and the ever-present zombie menace to gain weapons, supplies, and dominance! Alternately, players may choose to play as a unique Virus Strain, gaining evolutionary material with every battle and evolving to become increasingly lethal!

Funding levels begin at just $5 for “Survivor” status, which garners backers the complete game pdf, while other levels will receive additional extras such as bonus setting packs for various locations around the globe, figure flats, Zed or Alive playing cards, and, of course, the printed book.

Rust Devil Games is a proud supporter of all “Friendly Local Gaming Stores” and is pleased to offer a special, “brick-and-mortar” only reward level, allowing game stores to order multiple copies of the game and all accompanying extras. Additionally, shipping for retail backers will be prioritized so they get their products first!
For more information, visit Pinnacle Entertainment Group ( or Rust Devil Games (

Episode 136: Torchbearer 03

Download | Duration: 01:31:34

In this episode, we have a Kill Conflict. That means we try to kill them and THEY try to kill US. And that always works out well in Burning Wheel style games... right? So, we get some directions, find a wall, run into a guard and his puppy, and it all goes down hill. Without the ransom money, I'm beginning to wonder if the kidnapped lordling is worth all the trouble!

Torchbearer Fan Links

Jeff mentions these a few times so I thought they deserved a separate post. 

Maps: Jeff is using a map from Dyson Logos Maps. The maps are blank and ready for your own additions.

Cards: The Official Torchbearer cards are not out yet. Some fans couldn't wait and produced some of their own. The are free to download HERE.

If anyone has some other links they think would be a good fit, send them to us.

Episode 135: Torchbearer 02

Download | Duration: 02:02:45

The adventure begins. We square away Beliefs, Goals and Instincts and then hit the ground running. There are pirates, a kidnapping, a swamp and a Conflict. All fun and games in a Torchbearer adventure!


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